your trusted partner for everything windows & doors in New York City.  


From Replacement to Repair & Maintenance, We are Your Trusted Partner For Windows and Doors.

Don't wait for an emergency to happen - let us help prevent damage to your residents' windows and doors with a proper maintenance and repair plan. And when those emergencies happen (e.g. after a storm), you can depend on us for immediate resolution. How do you know we understand problems related to windows and doors? We've been servicing windows and doors in NYC for over 30 years. 

window replacement and repair in New York City


After thousands of NYC installations, we are your trusted partner.

With over 30 years experience in the NYC construction industry, after thousands of installations and repairs, team members at Original Window have successfully assisted property managers. Our passion to come up with innovative, proactive solutions have saved our customers time, money, and frustration associated with common property issues.


Put our strong relationship with NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission to work for you.

Original Window's relationship with NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission has allowed us to offer an expediting service to customers to move their project forward in a timely manner. Service Includes:

Verifying the requirements of the Commission
Matching the Project Details as required by the Commission
Obtaining All Documentation Required for Filing
Completing and Filing Application
Regular Tracking of Application through to Completion
Obtaining and Delivering Approved Permit

Landmarks Preservation Commission NYC
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We keep your Manhattan & Queens properties looking good with professional Window solutions.

Add longevity to your current windows if you properly maintain and quickly repair damage - resulting in you thousands+ of saved dollars. We offer timely:

Glass Replacement
Hardware Adjustment
Screen Repair