Many residents in harsh climate areas are required to have high impact windows installed in their home. Homeowners that are not required to use high impact windows may not consider them at all, especially after learning of the price increase.  Why pay more for a window that is not necessary, right? Wrong!  Hig Impact windows have huge benefits that can be appreciated by ANY and ALL homeowners.  Using the strongest, heaviest windows not only offer increased protection for the home but also save the owners money in the process. 

Increased Energy Efficiency  

High impact windows are made up of significantly heavier material and stronger glass than standard units on the market.  The upgraded quality improves the energy ratings of a window, which measures the air passing through it.  Limiting the air passage through a window increases the insulation of the home keeping warm air out during summer and cold air out during winter.  This improvement in energy efficiency can result in significant savings in utility costs.  

Burglary Protectant

The increased weight and strength of a high impact window make break-ins much more difficult if not impossible.  The openings in a home are its most vulnerable areas and provide burglars with the fastest entry into a home. The amount of effort required to break the glass of a high impact window deters burglars from successfully breaking into ones home. Many consumers choose high impact windows for this purpose alone. 

Noise Reduction

Impact windows can decrease sound transmission potentially by 50% when compared to a standard window unit. High quality glass, such as laminate glass, is often used to decrease sound transmission.   Although homeowners may not be able to block out noise 100%, they can dampen it significantly.  High Impact windows are a common choice for homeowners in high traffic areas such as New York City, where outside noise is a concern for many.  

Decrease UV Rays  

High impact windows can provide up to 99% obstruction to ultraviolet rays against home penetration. UV rays can be very damaging and fade furniture, discolor carpets and walls etc. after repeated exposure to direct sunlight.  High impact units protect against damage that could otherwise be suffered over time.  

Storm Protection

Violent storms and high winds can impact any home regardless of location.  In order for a home to be optimally protected, the most vulnerable areas being window/door openings are of sufficient strength and quality to weather the storm.  The superior strength of high impact windows add that extra level of protection needed to stand up to harsh weather conditions and protect one’s home and family.  

 Insurance Cost Benefits

Insurance companies often reward homeowners for upgrades that increase the protection of the home. These improvements lower the liability insurance companies take on and as a reward offer discounted insurance premium rates to their customers.

After considering the savings from energy bills as well as insurance costs, the upgraded costs for high impact windows are more than reasonable for the additional benefits they deliver.  These benefits are often not presented to homeowners that are not required, to present more affordable options to win business.  It is important for all homeowners to understand the benefits that come with the choice to invest in high Impact windows.