Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windows?

We’re often asked by our clients whether it’s better to repair or replace damaged windows. The answer is not always a simple one and depends on the unique situation. Here is a closer look at how you can best decide whether or not a window in your New Hyde Park, NY home or office needs complete replacement, or if a simple repair will be the best way to approach the situation.

Energy Saving

One of the main reasons clients cite for wanting to install new windows is the potential energy savings they’ll make from better insulation. While it’s true that a lot of heat escapes the home through poorly sealed windows, windows are not the only culprits. The roof/ceiling and front door are the other two main offenders. If energy saving is your motivation, you’d be better off focusing on an all round insulation plan incorporating repairs to your windows for better sealing than spending all that money on new windows while neglecting other major causes of heat loss.


If warm air is escaping, or a cool breeze is blowing in through gaps around your closed windows, it’s easy to assume that your windows have had their day. The truth is that a regular maintenance plan and a quick caulking job can often fix or prevent this problem. Only if the damage is truly extensive will this sort of complaint warrant a replacement. On the other hand, if rot and pest damage are at the root of the problem, and the damage is thorough, then it might be time to get your frames replaced.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windows New Hyde Park NY

Vintage Homes

In the case of old homes where the original features are still being used, swapping the windows for modern replacements can actually detract from the value of the home. The best option here in the case of window damage, is to repair and restore wherever possible. If some of the original windows can be saved, it would be wise to keep them and make sure that the necessary replacements match the vintage designs if possible. Again, this depends on the extent of the damage, but when dealing with valuable vintage homes, restoration is always better.


Blown Seals, Cracked Panes and Broken Glass

Blown seals can negatively affect your heating bill. You’ll notice a blown seal by the formation of condensation between the sheets of glass on double or triple layered panes where oxygen has crept into the space reserved for insulating gas. As with the case of cracked or broken glass, the solution is to replace the affected pane or panes.

Sticky Tracks

Another problem that can be avoided through prevention and a window maintenance plan. Sticky tracks are not the end of the world. At the very least, this problem can be solved with a simple clean. Sometimes, where paint has clogged the sash, a more thorough stripping down will be necessary. At most, a repair might entail a replacement of the track. Only where old window parts are no longer available and the damage is irreparable will the entire frame require replacing.