Purchasing New Windows – Full Frame Installation Vs. Pocket Installation

Do you need full frame or pocket installation for your NYC windows?

When considering which type of installation to go with for your new windows in the New York City area, it's important to look at the current condition and function of the windows. For most, this will mean determining whether they can get by with a pocket window install or if they will require a full frame installation. We're here to help you decide which will work best with your particular home! We must mention, there are some exceptions, so if you think you might have a unique situation, we might be able to help provide some guidance - reach out to us!

Full Frame Window Installation

The full frame installation is when the entire window is removed prior to installation and a new window is placed in its place. While the full frame installation allows for many modifications and customizations to the window it often also comes with a higher price tag. Homeowners that have issues that surround their current window, can have their problems addressed with a full-frame installation. Here are some common reasons to choose a full frame window installation:

  • Older home with wood windows.
  • Windows that are not completely square due to the house shifting over time.
  • Existing window frame or the wood surround is rotted or is beyond repair.
  • Current window will not meet today’s fire codes.
  • Window lacks energy-efficiency and/or does not appear to be airtight.
  • Condo/homeowners association requires modifications to the current windows in the home.
  • Rain/water is able to penetrate the window and cause damage to the home.

Pocket Window Installation

A pocket install is often perfect for homeowners that are living in newer homes or have had their windows replaced in the past. These windows will have no damage to the current wood work or the frame around the window. It is perfect for homeowners that are looking to replace a small amount of windows in their home and are not looking to change the brickmold, the woodwork, or the casing around the opening of the window.

The pocket window installation is a method where the window itself is removed and a new window is placed in the existing frame. While the cost is obviously less, it is important that your windows fit the right requirements and benefits. Here are some common reasons to choose a pocket window installation:

  • The current window frame is still in great condition; it is square and leveled.
  • The casing and the trim of the current window need to stay in place.
  • The current opening will allow structurally sound install of the pocket window.
  • Looking to increase the house value with plans to put your home on the market in the near future.
  • It is perfect for those that are wanting to preserve the charm and woodwork of their home.
  • Perfect for those that are simply looking to upgrade the operation and the function of the window – i.e. a window that will fold into the home for an easier clean.