6 Things You Should Know About Window Installation

Window installation is definitely a job for the pros, but it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on the basics. Your Midtown window technician can offer some invaluable advice on the following, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose the product with which you’ll be most satisfied. Here are some points worth checking out before getting new windows installed.

Choosing the right material

The frame is the most obvious visible element of any window, it’s also the most vulnerable to wind and moisture damage. For this reason a durable frame and regular window maintenance is a necessity for a long-lasting investment. Window frames also contribute to heat insulation and consequently the energy efficiency of your home. Wood is an excellent insulator of heat and is certainly better for maintaining the charming vintage aesthetic of an older building. However, wooden frames do require more maintenance and are susceptible to rot and moisture damage. uPVC or un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is another excellent insulator that requires far less maintenance. uPVC frames can be designed to look very similar to painted wood. Another common material for frames is aluminum which is light, easy to work with and extremely low maintenance, but unfortunately also a poor insulator.


Matching your home

Being a noticeable visual element, your frames should match the aesthetic of your home. Choose frames that match both the interior and exterior design styles of your home. The architectural style of your home should be taken into account first and foremost, ensuring that the windows complement and enhance curb appeal. Modern frames, for example would look out of place on a neo-classical building, likewise with vintage frames on a contemporary building. Inside your home, your frames should be in line with your decorative features, furnishings and layout, lest they appear out of place.


The right frame for the job

The function of the room, how much light is needed, as well as the amount of ventilation desired should be taken into account when selecting a window frame. These factors will help you decide on a window that opens by sliding on a track, swings open vertically or horizontally on a hinge, or whether it should be able to open at all.


6 Things You Should Know About Window Installation Midtown

Choosing a color

The color of your frames can be matched to existing features of your home’s facade, surrounding elements such as landmarks, or the color of the trim inside your home. Selecting from pre-chosen palettes can also help narrow down your options.

Using Low-E glazing

Low emissivity coating is essentially an invisible, ultra thin coating sprayed onto glass that blocks heat as well as harmful ultraviolet light that damages furniture and fabric. This results in a superior method of glass insulation that maintains the home at a comfortable temperature in summer and keeps in warmth in winter. When installing windows, ask about low-e glazing to take advantage of this impressive technology.

Repair if you can

Many homeowners jump to installing new windows as a go-to when they begin to experience window issues. However, professional repairs can be less costly and just as effective in counteracting poor insulation, gasket leaks and wear and tear. Particularly where vintage windows are involved, repair and restoration can help to maintain your home’s old world charm.