5 Advantages of French Doors

French doors are characterized by their elegance and as well as dual function as both window and door. The high ratio of glass to frame and full wall nature of french doors make them an excellent choice in matching a number of different styles, increasing levels of natural light within living spaces and allowing free flow of air and movement within the home and between interior and exterior spaces. Here we’ll look at some of these advantages in greater detail and show you why French doors are an excellent option for your Queens home.

Enhances traditional architectural styles

French doors, also known as French windows, first came into style in the Baroque period of French architecture between the years 1610 and 1774. As such, they possess an antique feel that perfectly complements older and traditional architectural styles. French doors with more modern designs (namely those with even higher glass to frame ratios and making use of materials such steel, aluminum and various alloys) can be used to update a traditional look without moving too far away from a home’s original style.

Adds a touch of charm to modern architectural styles

In the same way that modern French doors can be used to refresh a more traditional design, French doors can be used to soften the sometimes stark aesthetic of a modern building. A subtle touch of elegance and antique charm can give character to a contemporary design and create visual contrast with more austere modern features. Although most people imagine French doors as being white, they are also available in a large selection of colors that may be better suited to a modern aesthetic, such as black, gray or stained wood.  

Provides ventilation and insulation

One of the biggest advantages to French doors is their ability to let in large quantities of fresh air. With French doors installed on two ends of a home, they can be left open to create a draft in order to very quickly air out a home. This can be handy during hot summers or at any other time when quick ventilation is needed. One of the greatest disadvantages of French doors used to be that so much heat was lost through the glass during winter, having a devastating effect on heating bills. However, with advances in glass insulating technology such as double glazing and low-e coatings, this no longer need deter homeowners from installing French doors.

5 Advantages of French Doors in Queens

Contributes to a light and airy atmosphere

Another major advantage to French doors is their ability to capitalize on natural light, allowing in as much light from outdoors as possible. As well as providing a bright and open feeling to a space, this also contributes warmth during winter and reduces daytime energy spending on running electric lights.

Operate as both exterior and interior dividers

While typically used as an exterior door, and contributing to flow and a blurred distinction between interior and exterior spaces, French doors can also be used as an interior room divider. This is particularly useful where a separation is needed, but flow between rooms can be maintained. For example, as a divider between kitchen and dining room, living room and dining room, or living room and kitchen.