5 Door Styles to Complement your Long Island Home’s Windows

Doors and windows are corresponding elements of a home’s interior and exterior design. If you’re looking for assistance in deciding what door to match with your Long Island windows, here are some ideas to kickstart your search.

French Doors

A French door is more of a door sized window than it is a door, allowing in vast amounts of natural light, maintaining flow between spaces and allowing for a relatively unobstructed view. As well as being used as an exterior door, French doors can also be used to separate interior spaces. While this style may not be ideal for use as a front door for homeowners who enjoy their privacy, French doors are perfect for opening out onto a private balcony or backyard patio. The vast style of available frames means that it can be matched to almost any window style, but typically a French door contributes to a traditional, beach house or country club aesthetic.

5 Door Styles to Complement your Long Island Home’s Windows

Sliding Doors

Like French doors, sliding doors are perfect for capitalizing on a sweeping view or maintaining an open, free-flowing indoor atmosphere. The advantage of sliding doors over French doors is the control they allow over the amount of ventilation they allow while removing the risk of slamming. A number of different materials can be used in the construction of sliding doors, allowing for a wide range of matching styles. Typically, a sliding door with a thin frame and uninterrupted glass surface makes for the perfect complement to any modern window style or contemporary home.

Hardwood Slab Doors

Because slab doors present a smooth, non-paneled surface, the emphasis fall on the richness of texture and grain of the wood used in its construction. This aesthetic of bold simplicity makes them the perfect match for contemporary, modern and industrial themed homes. However, a slab door can also make a bold statement as a front door or interior door placed in the context of a more traditional theme. Hardwood doors go well with any windows that make use of similar color or material, as well as modern windows with high glass to frame ratios.

Panel Doors

Consisting of a number of panels of various thickness or carved panel designs, panel doors typically suit a traditional or formal architectural theme. The shape and layout of the panels often dictates which windows panel doors can be matched to. Sidelights are a fantastic feature to accompany panel doors, allowing light in around the solid structure and visually extending the doorway. Alternatively, window panes can be included as panels set into the door to allow for additional lighting.


Dutch Doors

With an upper section that opens independently, a Dutch door allows thorough ventilation of a home while contributing a definite country charm. Dutch doors are also known as stable doors because of their use in stables to keep horses contained while allowing the horse's head to peer over the bottom half of the door for feeding and petting. You need not own a horse to make use of a Dutch door, however. This style is excellent for owners of all pets, allowing the cat access to the home, temporarily keeping out the dog and maintaining the flow of fresh air through your home all the while. The aesthetics of a stable door are a perfect match for traditional windows, stained wooden framed windows and any other country, rustic or old world style frames.