What You Need to Know About Storm Window Installation

Storm windows are an effective measure against bad weather and the sub-zero temperatures of winter, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. These are mounted either on the inside or outside of a building’s current windows and in many cases can be removed or mounted when necessary. Storm windows provide an easy solution to insulation troubles and can also be used for aesthetic effect. Here we’ll take a look at storm windows in closer detail to help you decide whether or not they’re the right option for your Midtown Manhattan property.

What You Need to Know About Storm Window Installation in Midtown Manhattan

Insulation and protection

Storm windows are an effective way to insulate your home, acting as an additional layer to an existing window, helping to block air flow that may be forced into the home by heavy wind. Storm windows may also be treated with low emissivity coatings that can further reduce transmission of heat, keeping in the warmth in winter and keeping out the heat of the sun in summer. As well as providing insulation and wind protection, storm windows are also ideal for extending the lifespan of valuable antique windows. Storm windows also provide an alternative to replacing antique windows, as doing so can reduce the value of a vintage home.

Aesthetic and materials

Another reason for installing storm windows is to upgrade the look of your home or property without the expense of replacements. Like regular windows, storm windows are available in a variety of different materials and styles to ensure that they match the aesthetic of the home. Wooden storm windows provide good insulation, but require additional long term maintenance. Aluminum, meanwhile, is light and durable and can withstand extreme weather. Sun-resistant vinyl is also an effective material for storm windows, providing a clean look, excellent UV and water resistance, and overall high performance.

Noise reduction

The additional layers of glass or plastic provided by storm windows also serve as a barrier against sound, effectively reducing the level of noise that enters your home from the street. If you’re considering replacement windows for this purpose, storm windows offer a far cheaper alternative.


Storm windows don't take long to set up. This is dependent on the type of storm window, its location (inside or outside) and the material from which it is constructed, but a skilled professional can usually install them throughout your home within a few hours.


The downside to storm windows

When considering whether to opt for replacements or storm windows, it’s worth bearing in mind a few points.

  • Storm windows add little to the resale value of a home unless their function is to preserve antique frames.

  • Good quality storm windows can last for years, but still require more frequent replacement than a new set of regular windows.

  • The aesthetic, while inconspicuous, is not favored by everyone. If a sleek design is something you prefer, replacement windows may be a better option.

  • Another complaint regarding storm windows is that, depending on the material used, the additional layers added to the window may result in less light entering the home.