Window Repair on Hinges, Catches, and Cranks: What You Should Know

Your windows are important visual and functional components of your NYC home. As such, care should be taken to ensure that minor repairs are taken care of before they can lead to more serious damage. Delicate moving components such as hinges, catches, and cranks can become damaged over time and adversely affect the operation of the window and the look of your home. They can also cause ongoing damage if not rectified quickly. Here are some symptoms of damaged hinges, catches and cranks. Fortunately, all can be easily repaired or replaced by an experienced window professional.

Saggy Hinges

Over time the effects of gravity can cause window hinges to sag. This is most common with older, heavier windows. Sagging hinges can cause window sashes to distort and collide with the frame, making it difficult to close and lock the window. It can also lead to gaps in the windows affecting the temperature of your home. In windows where the hinges form a separate component, these can be easily replaced. However with older windows this may require a replacement of the frame itself.

If in doubt, a window professional will be able to identify the issue and rectify your hinges and sashes before any further problems arise. This is usually a quick and easy job, so don’t delay.

Window Repair on Hinges, Catches, and Cranks: What You Should Know in NYC

Trouble Locking

Catches are a window's locking mechanism. If they become damaged or shift out of alignment, you may experience difficulties locking your windows. This could be a security concern, so it’s best to repair the problem quickly. Furthermore, damaged catches on awning, casement and other hinged windows can lead to a window slamming shut repeatedly in bad weather, causing damage to the glass and frame. With single and double hung windows, a broken catch can also lead to the windows closing by themselves when the temperature changes. Avoid further costly repairs by having your catches seen to.

Crank Windows

These are windows that open using a crank system. A window crank is a rotating handle you use to open your window, similar to a manual car window operating system. Crank windows are considered energy efficient because the crank closes the window firmly allowing no gaps for cold air to enter from the outside. They’re also convenient for easy opening and closing. Casement, awning and hopper windows often make use of this system, allowing the window to open wide for fresh air and a great view, while locking it in place. Crank windows are also very difficult to open from the outside, resulting in better security. However, the crank system is very delicate and incorrect operation and general wear and tear can cause damage.

If a crank handle gets broken or bent, opening the window can become a burden. Crank handles can also spin around and around without doing anything. This usually means that the gears are worn out and require replacing. Once again, a quick job easily taken care of by a professional, and best seen to before further damage can take hold.