DIY vs. Professional Window Repair

DIY vs. Professional Window Repair in NYC

If you’re looking to cut corners and save costs on home improvement, DIY window repair and replacement is not the way to go about it. Here we’ll look at some of the reasons you should leave the DIY for other projects and contact trusted window technicians for your NYC window repair and replacement needs.

Save time

In today’s economy, the saying “time is money” has never been more true. Professional window technicians save you time in the obvious sense - in that you don’t have to spend time fixing or replacing windows yourself. But the pros also have the tools and experience to get the job done in the quickest, most efficient way, in the end saving everyone time, effort and hassle. A larger crew can do in one day what could take up to a week for a lone amateur. And that’s not including delays on sourcing stock, spares and equipment - things the pros have ready and easy access to.  

Save money

DIY is often taken up as a means to save money by not having to pay someone else to do the job. After all, there’s labor costs and markup on materials, not to mention paying a call-out fee. Sure there are some home improvement jobs that a homeowner with some experience can knock together themselves, but unfortunately glass installation, window frame replacement and window repair don’t fall into this category. In fact, purchasing the equipment necessary for transporting and installing the glass safely will alone set you back more than it’s worth to just get in the pros who have already made the investment into buying all the right tools for the job.

Don’t risk personal injury

Working with glass in any capacity is a dangerous occupation. Throw in the added element of height and the unpredictability of the weather and you’ve got a job no one without the proper training and experience should do. Besides risking injury to yourself, falling glass is a deadly hazard for pedestrians. This is something simply not worth risking.

Limit liability for damage to property

Bodily damage is not the only risk involved in trying to fix your windows yourself. Improper knowledge of the frame, incorrect use of tools, and falling glass due to a lack of safety precautions can result in damage to your own and other’s property. When you’re the only one working on a site, the responsibility lies with you. Such damage can be costly - imagine a pane of glass smashing through the windshield of a sports car parked down below in the street, or the historical cost of accidentally destroying an ornate vintage window frame. When working with pros, in the unlikely event that damage does occur, this damage is fully covered by insurance and the responsibility lies with the company, not with you.

Safe disposal of glass

The danger of working with glass does not end once the job is over, it persists up until the point that the glass is recycled or neutralized. Safe and responsible disposal of glass is part of the job and ensures that it poses no further hazard to body or environment.