6 Signs your Window Frames Need a Repair or Replacement

Window frames are a vital part of the aesthetic and structure of a window. Damaged frames can not only be a nuisance, but present a hazard as well. Here we’ll take a look at how to tell if your Midtown Manhattan frames are in need of a service.

Peeling paint

Don’t panic yet. Peeling paint could indicate a poor paint job or low quality paint used on your window frames. It could also be caused by sun damage to the paint or the beginning stages of water damages, or simply old age. Generally speaking, peeling paint is not a sign of deep damage and can be easily remedied with a quick professional repair or repaint. If you do suspect more extensive damage, such as rust or rot, a professional consultation and diagnosis may be in order. Either way, the frames are treatable and may not need to be replaced completely, but a service is definitely recommended.

Visible signs of rot

Water damage and rot are a tricky issue. Certain frames allow for damaged sections to be replaced, however it may be in your best interests to have your frames replaced completely. If rot has set in, there’s a good chance the frames are old and would be better off being replaced rather than have the replacements age at different rates. However, in the case of antique or feature windows, restoration can be undertaken in order to prolong their lifespan and maintain uniformity.

6 Signs your Midtown Manhattan Window Frames Need a Repair or Replacement


Cracks in your window frames are definitely something you should have seen to as soon as possible. Cracks reduce the effectiveness of your window’s insulation and can lead to great damage and even affect the glass within the pane itself. Once again, replacing the damaged section is dependent on the type of window, the age of the window and whether or not the section can be removed as a separate part.


Oxidizing metals are uncommon in modern window frames for exactly this reason, however older window frames made of steel or iron may still be susceptible. Depending on how deep the rust goes into your frame, a treatment may be available. Surface rust can be easily managed with a window service, but structural rust will require a replacement. Steel and iron window frames offer poor insulation, so a replacement can cut energy costs.

Trouble opening and closing

With so many designs of window frames available, and with so many different opening and closing mechanisms being used, this could indicate one of a number of different issues. Dirty tracks, misaligned frames, malfunctioning hinges and swollen wood are just a few possible causes. A quick repair is often possible, but in more extreme cases, where serious damage to the opening mechanisms or warping of the frame has occurred, a replacement may be in order.


Time for a change

To save our clients money, we recommend repairs whenever possible, however when it’s time for a change we’re happy to install new window frames for aesthetic purposes. New frames can completely transform the appeal of a home, both inside and out, allowing in more natural light or contributing to a different style theme. If a new look is what you’re after, new window frames are a must!