Why NYC Property Managers Should Invest in Window Service

Whether you’re a landlord or a third party property manager, you’re sure to have your hands full meeting the demands of your tenants. At Original Window, we aim to lighten your load of concerns by offering a professional and regular window maintenance and repair program. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the reasons you should take advantage of this service to help keep your property management operation running smoothly.

Limiting damage through proactive solutions

A loose window fitting can quickly escalate to shattered panes and additional damage to property from falling glass in the wrong kind of weather conditions. With a regular inspection and maintenance service, you can prevent a minor snag from becoming a major issue before it has a chance to develop. Likewise, over time, an incorrectly fitted or warping window frame can wear away on its tracks, causing insulation damage and wear on the jamb. Catching it when the problem starts and making minor adjustments can save time, money and frustration for your tenants.

Why NYC Property Managers Should Invest in Window Service

Preventing damage to and restoring vintage windows

Vintage windows require special attention both with maintenance and repairs. With over 30 years of experience and a strong working relationship with the NYC's Landmarks Preservation Commission, Original Window offers both vintage window restoration and speedy processing of permits and documentation. Protect the investment of your antique window trim and maintain the original charm of your building using our reliable maintenance program.

Saving you money with repairs

A repair in time is always better than ripping out the entire window and replacing it. In fact, with proper maintenance you can extend the lifespan of your windows considerably at a fraction of the cost of replacements. With regular checks and maintenance, we reduce the running costs of your building over the long term while keeping your windows in optimal condition.


Saving you time in responding to window emergencies

When accidents do happen, or bad weather strikes, you don’t want to be left dealing with the situation on your own without the necessary tools and equipment. Let Original Window come to your assistance in dealing with window emergencies to quickly and effectively resolve the issue.

Avoiding inconvenience to tenants

With prompt response time, you can rest assured that your tenants won’t be subjected to the inconvenience of being left with poorly functioning windows or missing window panes for longer than is absolutely necessary. The knowledge that your tenants have somewhere to turn to for their window issues can mean one less thing on your plate.

Saving energy costs

Exorbitant heating and cooling costs can dissuade potential tenants and lower the amount of rent you’re able to charge. Alternatively, if the rent you’re charging includes gas, you’ll be losing out on a significant percentage of profit if the building’s insulation isn’t effective. Because a large percentage of a building’s heat can escape through poorly insulated or damaged windows, regular inspection and maintenance will be able to resolve window insulation issues before an unanticipated high energy bill arrives.