5 Window Styles That Can Reduce Repair Costs

Modern window frames are designed for durability and hassle-free operation, but there are certain details that can be taken into consideration in order to further limit repair and repair costs in the future. These considerations are often necessary if your NYC home or apartment is prone to heavy wind or if the neighborhood kids are known to let the odd baseball get out of hand. Here are some ideas for helping you decide on windows that can help prevent unnecessary expense due to circumstances outside of your control.

Fixed windows

With no moving parts to break, or hinges that can slam shut in heavy wind, fixed windows provide the aesthetic of windows and allow in light. However, because they don’t open, they’re not useful for ventilation. Fixed windows are great for ornamental purposes or where ventilation is not needed - where another window is available, for example, or in environments where the climate is artificially controlled. Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are also ideal for allowing a clear and unobstructed view. Not only will fixed windows reduce long term repair costs, they’re also lower in initial cost as well. A combination of fixed and operable windows can lower installation costs and reduce the cost of servicing the windows of your home.

Casement and awning windows

Casement windows are those hinged at either side, while awning windows are hinged at the top. In the same category are hoppers which are hinged at the bottom and open from the top. Although hinged, the uncomplicated locking mechanism and simplicity of design make casement windows a solid choice. Awning and hopper windows tend not to slam shut unless in heavy wind. If wind is a concern, casement windows can be installed to open inwards, limiting this as a danger.

Single or double hung windows

Single hung windows have a single moveable sash, while with double hung windows both sashes are able to slide up and down along a track. While single hung windows are possibly slightly more reliable in terms of repair, owing to fewer moving parts, both are good choices for windy environments. Unlike hinged windows that might blow open or shut if not correctly fastened, there is little danger of single or double hung windows being affected by the wind.


5 Window Styles That Can Reduce Repair Costs in NYC

Multiple panes

One of the best ways to limit damage costs to any window is to select a window design where each pane is framed individually with a thick, strong frame. This way if one pane were to break, or an insulation seal were to fail, a repair would simply entail replacing the damaged frame. This can significantly reduce the cost of repairs. Although you won’t get the same kind of uninterrupted view as you would with a single pane, damage is limited to a single area so the entire window will not need to be replaced.



A window frame made from durable material is also key to avoiding costly repairs further down the road. Aluminum and other rust resistant metals are excellent choices, as are vinyl and fiberglass. Wood frames require regular maintenance and may not be the best option for keeping repairs to a minimum over the long term.