Historic Window Repair and Replacement in Midtown Manhattan

New York City has stood through centuries of history and so have some of its houses. Midtown Manhattan, along with its neighboring boroughs, is home to many historic buildings, many of which have even been converted into museums.

Historic Window Repair and Replacement in Midtown Manhattan

However, there are still plenty of historic buildings in Midtown Manhattan that are private properties and when it comes to repairing old buildings, even if it is just replacing windows, you want to make sure that you are allowed to execute your plans. Any sort of façade restoration falls under the jurisdiction of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Fortunately, Original Window’s long-term working relationship with the LPC means we can help speed up and ease the process for you.

Repairing Period Windows

The number one complaint for old windows is poor thermal efficiency and drafts. But before you throw out your historic windows, consider consulting a specialist to find out whether or not the windows can be repaired. Both architects and the LPC encourage repairs over replacement, even when windows seem to be in poor condition.

In this case, working with an experienced restorer is key. Original Window is one such company that works specifically with the restoration of historic windows. Our professionals have the skill and qualification necessary to replace sections of damaged wood and incorporate tighter seals into older windows to ensure the sashes don’t allow air to flow into the house.

Historic windows were crafted to last - if well maintained. This is why even when they may be showing their age, there is still a good chance they can be restored to their former beauty and functionality.

When Repair Is Not An Option

However, if it is too late for any sort of repair and the LPC approves, replacement is your next option. In this case, our specialists can handle the project, aid you in your request to the Commission, file the application and track its progress.

Depending on the need or the extent of your replacement permission, you might opt for double glazed windows. This means the window has a layer of inert gas tightly sealed in between two layers of glass, which creates thermal insulation and reduces the costs of energy bills. They also offer sound insulation and limited condensation. Whatever you choice, Original Window will ensure that it is integrated into the look of a historic house.

If being loyal to the old look and construction is your goal, you may decide to replicate all the details of the original windows to maintain authenticity and cosy historic feel of your home. As a temporary measure, storm windows can be fitted to help reduce energy costs and protect your vintage frames and maintain the appearance of your home or building.

Remember, maintenance and regular service is essential for maximizing the lifespan of windows of any age, style or design. Whether you opt for a repair or replacement, keep your windows regularly seen to by our experienced professionals for the best long-term results.